Auto CUT OFF Pressure Controller with Water Separator

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This little gadget will give you freedom!

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Turn on the compressor and do what ever you want, when you come back in a few minutes all the wheels will be ready to go on road and the compressor will be switched off!

This accessory only works with a compressor equipped with a pressure switch such as:

  • ARB
  • Dobinson
  • Bushranger
  • MM
  • TJM
  • Camel 4 cylinder ONLY!

Cannot be used with standard Camel (single or double piston) compressor.

How to set the pressure controller?
  1. Connect the pressure controller under the handle with pressure gauge.
  2. Lift the knob to unlock it.
  3. Turn the knob towards → +
  4. Attached the Off-Road hose 4in1 to your tires and switch on the compressor.
  5. At the end of inflation, when the pressure is close to the expected value, turn the knob slowly until the compressor stops.
  6. Press the knob to lock it.

Video about it CLICK HERE

Find out more about the Water Separator here CLICK HERE


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